Matthew Poepsel, Ph.D. Sales Development/Coaching Expert and Entrepreneur

 "I was referred to Christine when I was looking for a local corporate finance expert to help me develop an operating budget and pro forma for my software business. I don't always find "big city" expertise on Cape Cod, but with Christine, I happily found exactly that. Her prior experience with Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses of varying sizes and stages was invaluable as we worked together on the financial foundation of my company. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to work with Christine again in the future, and I'm happy to answer additional questions about the engagement she delivered for me." 

Ed Mallen President and CEO, TimeTrade Systems, Inc.

 "Christine Cox has worked for the last several months as an interim CFO at TimeTrade.  She accomplished a number of very important things for us during her tenure in that role.  First, she was able to organize and run a department with existing employees and gave them a strong sense of management and control.  Second, she organized the yearend audit and prepared the audit firm well for the field work and reporting. Third, she produced a business plan with me that is well developed, concise and is very operational.  Fourth, she worked with me to successfully organize and close a financing round on a very tight schedule.  Her skills in Human Resources, Accounting, Finance and Organization are excellent and she also has a lot of savvy in recognizing problems and identifying some very good solutions.  She is a very complete finance executive with team building skills and is a great person work with.  Rarely have I encountered an interim finance executive who can so thoroughly invest herself in an organization. I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking an interim finance exec." 

Robert R. MacDonald Former CEO, Ovation Products Corporation


“I was familiar with Christine as a temporary CFO while I was Chairman of the Board of Ovation Products Corporation (now ZanAqua Corporation).  I later joined Ovation as CEO and worked with her as a temporary CFO and then persuaded her to join us full time.  During that time Ovation voluntarily registered with the SEC as a public reporting company, and Christine led us through the audit of historical financials and the successful filing of an S-1 with the SEC.  We then reversed course, accepted private equity financing and withdrew our application from the SEC. 

Christine performed all duties with intelligence, hard work and perseverance. She did the basics of data entry, monthly closings and reporting to management, and as needed the more outward focused tasks of satisfying auditors and lawyers in the stringent reviews of our financials, business practices and presentation of financial information.  She is a professional, experienced, and impeccably honest individual, and she was fun to work with. 

I have been President/CEO of six companies, taken three public, and been on the boards of over 30 companies, and Christine is the best financial professional that I have worked with.”

Scott Goodwin Member of the Firm, Wolf & Company, P.C.

 “I was the audit partner on an early-stage technology company when Christine was brought in as a contract CFO. She quickly got her arms around the issues and got the accounts cleaned up in order to do a three year audit. She was instrumental in the company filing and getting cleared an initial registration statement with the SEC. This particular client had a number of complex accounting issues including stock compensation (SFAS 123R), convertible debt, beneficial conversion features, warrants, etc. She also has a strong grasp of the SEC accounting and reporting issues. Christine would be an excellent addition to any management team.” 

Jack Malley Partner, First Jensen Group

 “Christine assisted our organization with several of our clients including preparing two young companies for reverse mergers and continuing to assist one in its early growth stages. She has a sound knowledge of accounting standards that auditors will admire. In addition, she has the talent to interface well with a variety of personalities while at the same time ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently.”