Small Office Support for small and new companies

Owner / Employee Mentoring

Need a little brush-up on management skills?  Love your bookkeeper, but wish they had a little more formal background?  A little training could make the difference between adequate and exemplary.

Temporary / Part-time Office Support

We will provide you with temp help that is not only vetted, but is backed up with CFO support.

Quickbooks Setup / QB Desktop to Online Conversion

Get your Quickbooks implementation set up correctly the first time.  Many QB implementations are set up incorrectly at the start, causing costly cleanup down the line.

Small Business Management

Starting a new business?  Want to add an online store to your existing business?  We'll provide the kick-start to get you up and running.

One-time Consultations

Whether you need a crash course in Quickbooks, help constructing your first budget, advice on handling a difficult employee, or a cash management plan, we can provide guidance you can use immediately. 

Process Optimization

Are you getting all you can out of your accounting software?  Are you using the power of spreadsheets to analyze your business?  More automation means less data entry, less error, and more time to analyze. 


An Accountant records your business transactions.  A CFO is a business partner - one who will work with you to ensure your business is running efficiently, costs are contained, and your sales are optimized. 


Retail shops, hotels, restaurants, and privately-run businesses have the same challenges as larger companies, magnified:  one large, unexpected expense can sink a small business, and one key decision can spell the difference between success and failure.  While larger companies may have greater resources, small businesses have one distinct advantage - Agility.  Small changes in the way the business is run, marketed, or managed can have a tremendous impact on the business' health.  You can't run your business "the way you've always run it" and remain successful over the longrun - economies change, expenses increase, and customer needs alter over time.  A successful business anticipates and adapts to these changes.   

Can you answer YES to these questions?                                                           

  • Do you understand your financial statements?
  • Does your accountant explain your financial statements to you?
  • Do you utilize your financial statements to run your business effectively?
  • Is your Quickbooks implementation set up properly and accurately?
  • Does your inhouse bookkeeper have a good, in-depth knowledge of business finance?
  • Do you and your bookkeeper use Quickbooks to its full potential?

Can Your Small Business Benefit from the Following?    

  • Quickbooks setup / Quickbooks repair / Quickbooks training
  • Expense Management
  • Sales Strategy
  • Owner/Bookkeeper Training
  • Long-range Strategic Planning
  • Tighter Cash Management
  • Best Practices Training for You and Your Staff
  • Inventory Management
  • Business/Process Automation
  • Employee Management and Employment Law compliance


The Small Business Team Approach

Perhaps you need a part-time bookkeeper on a regular basis, and occasional assistance with more complex transactions.  Or you already have an accountant or bookkeeper in house who needs a little training to be the best they can be.  I can provide you with the right contract employee, monitor and mentor their performance, and check their work so that you can be confident your financials are accurate.  This is a more economical solution than engaging a part-time CFO, but you will still have the support of a CFO-level partner when necessary.  We can work together to build the right fit for your business.