Services Provided

  • Create  financial management plans for small business owners
  • Train business owners in financial best practices, Quickbooks, and cash management 
  • Quickbooks and Shopify implementation/integration 
  • Razor-sharp cash management – extending company’s runway; maximizing investors’ investment
  • Upgrade manual to automated financial reporting systems
  • Development of forecasts and budgets
  • Inventory management and POS integration
  • Assist in the development of private placement memorandums, manage financing rounds
  • Development of crisp and compelling investor presentations
  • Manage the company’s equity, create and manage cap tables
  • Stock option management, handle all FAS 123(r) calculations and audit tables
  • Cost containment/cost cutting initiatives
  • Establish corporate policies and procedures, develop best practices for young companies
  • Strategic and tactical guidance on financial, operational, corporate governance, and human resource issues
  • Work with senior management to develop achievable business operating plans and budgets
  • Prepare and deliver presentations to boards and investors
  • Operational support
  • Audit preparation, support for first-time audits, drafting of SEC filings
  • Due diligence
  • Financial health analysis and improvement plan
  • Prepare professional, GAAP-compliant and SEC-ready financial statements complete with management summaries and analytical review
  • Establish revenue recognition policies
  • Develop legal, audit, and banking relationships
  • Negotiate contracts, purchases, lease renewals, employment contracts
  • Assess, recommend and manage corporate relocation
  • Develop a human resource function; assess company’s human capital and recommend corporate recruiting, hiring and retention processes, assist in restructuring and terminations
  • Structure compensation plans
  • Design and implement employee evaluation processes, driving formal personnel evaluations and incentive programs

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